Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Images - Nordic Sol, Umbra

I have a few images from Nordic Sol that I made as placeholders until the art team can make some in the same style as the rest of our assets. The drawings aren't the best but I had fun practicing with my pen tablet. I'm slowly getting better with it. Now if only I was better at drawing... Oh well, practice helps with that!

Here is a table that the sword will be resting on in the melee part of the tutorial:

And here is a practice dummy that you will have to attack to proceed:

And, as I promised in my last post, I have the main menu map laid out for Umbra. I will probably have to adjust it when I get a look at it with our post-process effect over top of it. We would like the menu to be like a cast shadow onto the wall in front of the player, but with our current color scheme on our textures I'm afraid that it will make dark text too difficult to read. Below is everything laid out with almost all of our textures. The actual land doesn't have a unique texture made for it yet, nor do the rocks. For the land I am using a texture that Bryan Harlow made for a past demonstration, and the rock texture is a stock one from the UDK.


  1. I think those are pretty dang good myself! If you keep that up, your place-holders will make it into the game. :D

  2. Thanks Dave! I found some handpainting tutorials that I think will help me with this style of drawing. I'm going to keep at it, if anything it will help me sketch out new ideas.