Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Simple Update - Nordic Sol, Umbra, Paper Samurai

I don't have any images to show at the moment, I've mostly been working on code stuff for Paper Samurai and Nordic Sol. For Paper Samurai we are in the process of readjusting the sizes of the characters, score bar, and other misc. graphics to get them how we want them. Bryan Harlow has the menu for the game almost done, and all I have to do is make a round counter and figure out how Michael wants the score to be presented.

With Nordic Sol, I've been slowly putting the conversations in. I get caught up on exactly how we want a scenario to work out, so that slows me down a bit. I have the intro conversation completed and the melee portion mostly done, but was waiting on a design answer from David Fuson. I should have quite a bit more done by the end of the week. We're getting all our assets put in and seeing exactly what else needs to be done.

Thanks to some help from Corey Farmer we were able to get the pause menu working and actually pausing correctly. Before when we tried to pause it would pause everything, including our pause menu, leaving us with no way to unpause. Luckily Corey found a function in the UDKHUDBase.uc file in the default UDK classes that actually paused the game while allowing us to still interact with menus. Since we have that working Corey has been working with Bryan to get the animation worked out for entering the pause menu. Today I'll be setting up the main menu map, and seeing what I can do without having some of the art redone.

Anyway, that is all for now. If I get the menu map to where I want it I'll be sure to post an ingame render of it.

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