Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Uneventful Week Or Two

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in quite a while. I've been in somewhat of a lull in all the projects I'm working on, so I'll catch you up on what has happened.

For Umbra, Ryan Olson said he has Zone 1 ready to rock with enemies. As soon as we get it packaged up and distributed to the class we can begin playtesting while he places the enemies into the rest of the zones.

As for the crating system, well I decided to take a break from it before starting on the larger inventory system that I want before I finish up the crafting button.

Super Monster Dance Party has been pushed back a couple days due to lack of songs. We ended up having to purchase some songs to use, since both of the guys working on the music ended up being too busy to complete the rest. We do have one song that Dan Langford did complete, and it sounds pretty good. We are waiting for  permission on two of the other songs that we want to use. The other three artists got back to us within a day granting us permission to use their songs. Nice of them to let us use the songs, thank you! Other than that we have just been working out some of the last bugs and cleaning up some of the art assets. We should be still on track for our end of the month release, it will all depend on how smoothly it exports and works on different phones. Dave Troyer finished up the final monster, so here is a menacing picture of him:

Kind of creeps me out...

I guess that is all there is for now. One of these days I'll write up my thoughts on some of, for lack of a better word, of several projects the group is working on at the moment.

Until then, farewell!

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