Monday, June 3, 2013

A Proof Of Concept And An Old Datapad

Hey guys,

Over the past week I've been doing a small proof of concept for a game I'm thinking about starting development on. The working title for the game is Crazy Steve. I have the core game design document done for it, I just have to create an asset list, animation list, and put in some initial concepts for the menus/HUD.

Here's the synopsis of the game: Crazy Steve is a top-down, horde survival game. You play as Crazy Steve, an aging man protecting his dying wife from the Grim Reaper and its minions. In between each level there will be stills of their lives together before this point. You must defend yourself and your trailer. If either one falls, you lose. You win by defeating all the minions in each round, and eventually defeating the Grim Reaper.

Here is the proof of concept so far, though I apologize the graphics are nowhere near pretty. This proof of concept served two purposes; the first was to get a rough idea of what it would take to make this game in Construct2, and the other was to flesh out the enemy classes to get a better understanding of what I am envisioning. Overall I like the enemies as they are, although the Warlock(The ones who shoot things at you) may need to be toned down just a little. Just click on the window to play. If the game is too small you can click here and it will open it in a new tab/window in a larger size.

The controls are: WASD or the arrow keys to move, the left mouse button to fire, and R to reload.
P will pause the game.

That has been taking up most of my time, along with getting ready to move. As I was looking through my old documents I found a datapad I modeled a while ago. It was modeled off one from the Star Wars universe. Here is the model and reference photo. The reference photo is courtesy of Wookiepedia.

It doesn't quite have the same proportions and the textures are way off. It's interesting to go back and look at projects you worked on a long time ago and see how far you've progressed. 

That's all I have for you guys for now!

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