Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Talking - Umbra, SHMDP

Hey guys, I hadn't been able to work on Umbra too much since I was waiting for two other classmates to finish up what they were working on. I have started working on the intro animation for zone 1. The main character comes in like a meteor and hits the ground sending up a cloud of dust and debris. When she stands up the camera will glide to its normal position behind her. It's a pretty simple animation. I'll post a video once I get the missing assets and put it in the final build .

In other news Dave Troyer(He has more info on his blog.), asked for my help on a simple rhythm game that he wants to put on the Android market, which is called Super Happy Monster Dance Party(or SHMDP for short.) I agreed, and I'll be working on the system for the game, making everything work. We are using the Construct2 engine for this one. The game is based around this monster that is rocking out in the middle of a city and you tap a button when a flying sound node goes over the button. I've mostly been working on getting the flying sound nodes to go towards a particular target, setting up multiple targets, and setting up random spawn points. Dave got me a page flow chart so I can start setting up the different pages and working through the functionality.

We're a small group on this one, which I think is working a lot better. Dave is he organizer/porducer, David Fuson is our main art guy, and Corey Farmer is our master of sound. We have also added Dan Langford for vocals, and Ben Mjelde as a supporting artist.

Now enjoy some pictures!

Here a a test I was working on trying to get the random spawns and targets to work. Not very pretty, but it helped a lot. When you touch the grey circles when a blue one is over it the blue one will disappear and your score will go up.

Here is a preview of some of the monsters that David F. has been creating for the game. He's added quite a bit more since this image and is working on the final boss.

That's all I have for today! Now, back to work...

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