Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Set Of Pictures - Umbra

Hey guys,

I've put my generic menus on hold for a bit, I got the ones I wanted to get done finished. Since I don't have anything new for those I figured I'd show you some of the stuff I've been doing for Umbra lately. I don't really have any new models but we've been spending the past quarter populating the different zones in the game. The team I'm on is in charge of Zone 1 which is solely a natural/forested area. We broke the zone down even farther, into quarters, and I was assigned the third area of Zone 1. Here are some images with the ingame post-process applied to it.

Looking at the first island from the second one.:

Looking at the first, second, and third from the edge of the third one:

Looking at the third and forth islands from the second one:

A view of all of them from afar:

I might go through and add a few more rocks and such now that the majority of the landmasses are covered by grass. Mostly I want to add these the the path on the third island since it looks a little bare on the ground.

Thanks to Andrew, all the grass on the islands reacts to the character when she walks through it.

I also took on the task of placing some lily pads in the pond on one of the islands in the first area. I'm still missing a particle system for the waterfall out of the pond, but the animations are there for the pond to fill and several key lily pads to float off for the player to step on. Here are the lily pads in the level:

And here is a render from 3DS Max of them. Andrew also did the opacity map and normal map for the flowers. I haven't gotten around to creating a normal map for the lily pad itself, but I'm not really sure if it will need it(Though it does look really plain without the post process on it.)

It is a little boxy but it looks pretty good ingame. Well, that's all for now! I'm working on an intro animation for Zone 1, but am waiting for assets before I can proceed any further. I'll try and get some more stuff together to show you guys. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey there Jake! Your section of zone 1 looks pretty dang cool! Good job man!

  2. Thanks Dave! I can't wait to see what Justin has going for the rest of the zone. I'll have to take a look at what everyone else has in their levels next week. It's all slowly coming together.

  3. Wow !! Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you liked it.