Saturday, February 23, 2013

Features, Features, and More Feaures! - SMDP

Since my last post I've been working on getting the formerly known Super Happy Monster Dance Party(now just Super Monster Dance Party) features implemented and working. So far I refined the story mode, allowing players to unlock the next mission after achieving a high enough percentage in the previous mission. Today I got all the game setup done for Infinite mode, including map selection, difficulty, and monster selection.

Now I have to set the free mode to use the game setup screen and fix an issue where buttons are accidentally getting hit when hitting other buttons. A silly mistake that I should have seen before.

Here is the monster select screen with some temporary graphics. As you click on the small portraits the one in the center will change.

David Fuson has done a great job of designing the characters and bringing them to life in the pixel art style. Dave Troyer has started turning all the sprite sheets that David F. made into animations in Construct2. Everything is coming together pretty well. We'll see how this one turns out!

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