Monday, March 4, 2013

A Quick Update - SMDP

Just a quick update on Super Monster Dance Party. I got the story mode done as much as I can(I'm waiting on the songs from Corey). I also got the save system fully working and implemented. In addition to saving which missions have been completed it will also save if the boss has been unlocked and your personal highscore for each mission. Speaking of highscores I also made it to show a "New High Score!" graphic when you beat your previous best score.

Now I'm on to setting up the end events to show different stuff depending on your percent hit. For instance if you got 80%-89% of the notes then it would show the "Good" end message, where as if you got 60% or below it won't show anything. Once I get that finished up I plan on working on getting the Infinite mode working how Dave wants it to.

And to wrap it up here is the logo for the game, also made by Dave:


  1. lol I sound like some sort of harsh task master! But seriously, if I were, you'd still be blowing this game out of the water! Excellent work Jake!

  2. Thanks Dave! I just really want to see this game finished and I've had a lot of fun working on it so far.