Sunday, March 3, 2013

Umbra and Stuff! - Umbra, SMDP

Hey there!

Over the past week or so I've been working on both Umbra and SMDP. For Umbra I have the intro to Zone 1 complete except for getting the custom animations for our main character. Once I get those from Corey Farmer I should just be able to plug in the names and be 100% complete. Once I get them I'll try and figure out recording from Matinee and upload the intro.

I think I've made a lot of progress on SMDP in the past couple days. I wasn't satisfied with its performance, it had some issues that didn't really hinder gameplay, but were pretty annoying. The main one was when you clicked on a button and there was another button in the same spot(Like on page that was getting switched to) it would hit that button as well. Because of this I ended up restructuring the entire infrastructure of the game. In the end the execution of the code is cleaner, though there is more stuff in the editor. I also added the rest of the story mode levels and made it so to unlock the final boss for use in infinite and free play you have to beat the last level in story mode.

Thanks to David Fuson we have quite a few of the art assets done. Dave Troyer has been working on getting the sprite sheets all set up so the monsters dance in the levels. Corey has been working on composing some songs, and is off to a great start. I'm currently working on getting the game to save and load your progress. I have that working for one stat, now I just need to add them for the rest of the levels.

Well, back to work! Thanks for reading!

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