Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some News! -SMDP, Umbra

Over the past week for SMDP I've been going through the events and trying to optimize them more. I also did some preliminary testing with the CocoonJS, as well as the AppMobi, export options. Both had some issues that may make them unusable as export options for this particular game. We're still trying to work it out, and I still have to try exporting with PhoneGap. That probably means very little to anyone, but oh well. Yesterday we decided to take the infinite mode out of the game due to the event system not being able to processes it exactly as we want. If we have some extra time I'll try a theory I thought of while typing this out.

Speaking of extra time, we has set an expected release date of April 14th. That's pretty soon, but the events are almost completely done and the David Fuson is working pretty fast on the art assets. There are only two things that I can think of that will delay the release date. One is not being able to work around the exporter limitations, and the other is if we don't have our music and sound assets ready. Both Dan Langford and Corey Farmer have been pretty busy with schoolwork lately and we're not sure how far they've gotten.

As far as Umbra is concerned, we have it mostly done! Last week we started compiling all of the zones together. All the zones are nearly done, mostly just waiting to get the enemies placed so we can start testing. We did run into quite a few issues getting maps to open on other computers. We are going to try and put it all on one computer and see how things go from there. I'm still waiting for the intro anims so I can finish up the zone 1 intro. Corey was almost done with them a couple days ago, so I'll have to check up on them.

We're getting there!

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