Friday, July 12, 2013

A Whole Lot of Menus - Nordic Sol, N'Ferno

Hey there guys!

Over the past week I've been working pretty hard on getting some menus put together and working the bugs out of them. For Nordic Sol, which has gone through a huge overhaul since my last post about it, I have almost all the menus working how they should.

I made a:
Title Menu
Pause Menu
Death Screen
Inventory Screen

I have a little cleanup to do on the Inventory screen, for some reason one of the features stopped working...

I also have to do a credits/end game screen.

For N'Ferno I have most of the same menus, except the Inventory. Instead, I have a store where you can upgrade your gear. It is based off the generic store/upgrade screen I made a while back.

I did find an interesting thing out about the function in AS3 though. When you pass parameters with it you can have the Unrealscript function catch them. Now, I know that is pretty standard functionality in a function. You know, in the function being called in GetItem("Plasma Gun"); it would be function GetItem(string ItemName) and ItemName would then be a local variable. However! In all of the examples I had seen of in Unrealscript they would always use GetInt() in the function itself instead of catching the passed the parameters. Seems pretty lame of a find, but it always confused me why you would get the variable in the function when you were passing it in ActionScript. Now I know I can treat it like a regular function, which is really handy and a lot cleaner.

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