Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game Jam!

I don't have much to update on Nordic Sol, but the majority of our class is doing a Game Jam over our two week break from school. A Game Jam is where you create a game, or level, in a short amount of time. We decided to make a level for a game with a two week deadline. To get a setting/style for the game we all wrote down nouns on pieces of paper, then drew them out of a hat. We did the same for game mechanics. We ended up with a pretty strange selection. For the nouns we got: Laser Guns, Frogs, Chickens, and Moon. For the mechanics we pulled: Jump and Maze. From this we came up with this:

Main Character: A frog riding a chicken, with mounted laser cannons.
Setting: Colony on the Moon
Enemy: Evil robot chickens
Health Pickup: Broccoli
Game Characteristics: Maze-like, basic avoidance/destroying of enemies. sidescrolling.
Engine: Unreal Development Kit

It's pretty out there, but we'll have fun with it.

I took the task of modeling some computer consoles and some medical and cafeteria equipment. I also will be working on the title menu and pause menu. It won't be as extensive as the one I made for Umbra, our class' game. The menus are almost done, but I'm stuck on getting the game to actually pause when the pause menu comes up. 

I'll post some pictures of the models once I get them done. 

That's it for now.

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