Monday, September 10, 2012

MedBay Models - Game Jam!

Here are some models for a medical bay:

And here are two of them with textures:

I realized after I textured the computers and these two that I have no clue what the art style for the textures is going to be yet...Time spent practicing I guess. I like parts of these textures, but on the overall I'm not satisfied with them. Once I get a direction to go in I'll probably be redoing them anyway.

These objects are a little more complex than the computer ones, so they have a slightly larger poly count:

  • CryoTube: 55
  • Medical Gurney(Raised): 98
  • Medical Gurney(Lowered): 98
  • Table: 93
  • Box Container: 18
  • Cylindrical Container: 37

Now onto modeling some cafeteria items...What will they have in a futuristic cafeteria I ask myself...

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