Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Other News! - Nordic Sol

While I've mostly been posting stuff on the Game Jam, I have not forgotten about Nordic Sol. We've been pretty busy with the Jam, so not much progress has been made on Nordic Sol unfortunately. Over the past week I've worked on it here and there.

Some of the things I fixed/added are:

  • Added a temporary bump damage to the player when an enemy hits you.
  • Fixed an issue where the health/stamina bar wasn't updating when hit by the enemy.
  • Added a few more graphics to the shop, but am waiting or the rest of the graphics to be completed.
  • Added damage to the player attacks and added enemy health/health bar. 
  • Added a charge bar for the powershot on the bow.
  • Set up the scrolling to follow the player correctly.

Bryan Harlow added two temporary enemies so we can get some of the attacks/health stuff out of the way. He even got it so they patrol an area and not walk off the edge of the map. Good job Bryan!

At the moment the visuals of the game are at a pretty rough state:

Bow charging after firing a shot:

The shop with a few of the graphic put in:

As you can see it still has quite a ways to go, but we're slowing adding to it. Hopefully I can get the main character graphics put in and finalized here in the next week or two, as well as the shop finished up. I'll try and keep posting updates after significant changes happen.

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