Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Rock Formation - Umbra

Just thought I'd put up a picture of another rock formation I made for class. I don't like this one as much as the first one, but oh well. Here it is:

If I work up enough motivation tomorrow I'll throw up a screenshot of the floating landmasses I've made.

In other news: I started working on the code for our next Game Jam, Paper Samurai, using the Construct2 engine. You play as an origami samurai and you dual other origami samurai. The combat is a simple timing style, you have an object on a line and you have to click when it is close to a mark. There will be three marks, and to determine the winner you have to get a s close to each mark as you can. Whoever is the closest after all three are added up wins the match. So far I have a all of that roughly working. I also have a rudimentary enemy AI woriking, I just need to work on getting the timing sorted out for when they 'click'. Next I'll probably work on setting up the character customization, but we'll see how tomorrow goes and if our creative director for this Jam, Michael Otten, likes the combat code.

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