Monday, October 15, 2012

Update - Nordic Sol

Some progress has been made on Nordic Sol since my last post on it. The biggest change I think was changing the art style to reflect that of another time, 8-bit! I think by this time we have all, or close to all, of the art assets converted into this pixelated style. This was decided by the creative director for Nordic Sol, David Fuson. Here is our main character with the new style:

I stole this from Dave Troyer's blog!
A couple of the team members finished up with some of their stuff; Ryan Hess made some good looking backgrounds and  Andrew finished up with the nice bunny animations, and they look spiffy! I set up a conversation system that should make it pretty easy to put in new conversations as we need to. We also have a level layout for the Tutorial Island, so we can start compiling everything. That will be probably be the most labor intensive part of this project, compiling everything. There are a lot of animation sets to put together, and specific events created. Once we get everything organized and figure out who will be putting what in it should go by pretty quickly.


  1. You just had to steal the version that wasn't cleaned up completely, didncha? lol Oh well! But yeah, so glad to see you and Andrew move so fast through everything! Sneeriously, you guys are very valuable to have on the team!

  2. Thanks Dave!

    I forgot that I had a cleaner version until I already had this one uploaded. Oh well. Now to just get all of the graphics actually put into the level, and we'll be done with Nordic Sol!