Friday, October 12, 2012

Space Wings v.2! - Game Jam!

Well, here it is! I think this is the last version of the game that we'll be doing. It's still missing a few things, but it has almost everything that we wanted in it. Here is a link to the HatJam blog with even more information on what we've been doing.

Some of the things that were added since the last version are: 
  • Added the moonscape in background.
  • Added a  skydome with the stars on it.
  • Switched the health pickup to broccoli.
  • Removed the debug logs.
  • Added Security Cameras.
  • Added Mining area background.
  • Adjusted Boss and Player health.
  • Removed fall damage.
  • Added music.*
  • Changed Force Field switch to touch, instead of use.
  • And, added a pause menu.

I think that is all we added...

While we are done working on it, there were a few things that needed to be worked on. 

First off, the lighting was pretty bad since we kind of slapped the lighting in there so we could see what we were doing. Because of this we have some weird shadows and inconsistent lighting throughout the level.

Secondly we have textures. I'm pretty happy with the textures that made it into the game, but we were missing some pretty important ones...the enemies and the boss bros! Speaking of enemies, we probably should have spent more time trying to get the enemies to only move towards you once you were in view, and somehow make it so if you're firing and the enemies are offscreen, they won't be killed.

And third, we have hardly any sound. Next time we'll need to spend a bit more time on getting the lesser sounds(ambient, enemy, footsteps, etc...) But that is part of the next project.

Overall I think we accomplished what we set out to do. If anything we got a great learning experience out of it. Let us know what you think of it! Here is the link again just in case you overlooked it at the top.

*Note: The background song is called Kalimba by Mr. Scruff. It comes default with Windows.


  1. Have Maya (old copy) if you want it plus the reference book for Maya

  2. Sure, I'll take it! Haven't worked too much in Maya, but I have dabbled a little. So many programs to master....